KLiC stands for Knowledge Lit Careers

A skill is seen as ability to do something well, usually gained through training or experience. Skill acquisition on the other hand involves the development of a new skill, practice or a way of doing things usually gained through training or experience.
This skill is what creates more employment opportunities for the majority of youth, to enable them to be a part of India’s growth story and to contribute to that growth. To do this they must have education and training that equips them for the current market scenario. One of the sources of the skilled workforce is the vocational education and training system. This system needs to be strengthened to cater to the education and employment needs of India’s youth.

Keeping this objective in mind, OKCL has launched the KLiC courses in partnership with MKCL(Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd.), their technology partner. These courses cover a wide span of vocational skills in demand in the market for which expertise can be gained through a unique medium of e-learning.

Under this banner, OKCL offers courses under the following tracks like:

Job Readiness
  • KLiC IT
  • KLiC English
  • KLiC Tally (with GST)
  • KLiC Advanced Excel
  • KLiC Advanced Tally (with GST)
Digital Arts
  • KLiC AutoCAD
  • KLiC 3D Modelling
  • KLiC 3D Texturing
  • KLiC DTP (CorelDRAW)
  • KLiC DTP (Adobe)
  • KLiC Photo Editing
  • KLiC Web Designing
  • KLiC Content Illustration
  • KLiC Graphic Designing
  • KLiC Video Editing
  • KLiC SCRATCH Programming
  • KLiC C Programming
  • KLiC C++ Programming
Hardware and Networking
  • KLiC Hardware Support
  • KLiC Network Support
  • KLiC Security Support
  • KLiC Desktop Support

To know more about KLiC courses, please visit: http://ww3.mkcl.org/klic/