In the current scenario of a large number of candidates competing for fewer number of jobs in the market place, it has become highly essential to enable a student to master competitive examinations by providing systematic practice and personalized corrective feedback.

Keeping this objective in mind, OKCL has launched the Mastering Series in partnership with MKCL(Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd.), their technology partner .

In “Mastering series” we lay great amount of emphasis on types and schedule of tests. Hence, the tests in the series are designed in such a way that if a student plans his/her studies around it then he/she can easily cover his/her complete syllabus more efficiently & effectively thereby optimizing the time as well.

Another important aspect that we associate “Mastering series” with is the personalized feedback which student gets after each test taken in the series. Now, this feedback is actually a complete analysis of the student’s performance which points out the best areas and weak areas. It not only shows the detailed explanation of correct answers but it also points the reason why the student arrived at the wrong answer. Hence, this analysis actually acts as a personal guide for the student for studying further by pointing him/her in right direction.

To sum it up, “Mastering Series” is all about

  • showing the student where he/she stands
  • where he/she needs to go
  • what is required for him/her to go there
  • and how to achieve it

Currently OKCL offers the following Mastering Tests Series:

  • Mastering CTET
  • Mastering OTET
  • Mastering IBPS PO
  • Mastering IBPS Clerical
  • Mastering D.El.Ed
  • Mastering B.Ed
  • Mastering GATE (specific subjects)
  • Mastering Engineering (specific subjects)

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