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Applicant Organization (AO) has to submit following fees by NEFT mode to OKCL while applying for ALC:

    1. Center Registration Fee of amount Rs.17500/- 

      Rs.5000/- towards Study Material Deposit
      Rs.4000/- towards Annual Registration Fee
      Rs.8000/- towards LMS Fees (Learning Management System)
      Rs.500/- towards Processing Fee

Important Note:

Above mentioned fees to be transferred to OKCL by following mode by AO.

  1. NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer)

    • AO willing to pay the above mentioned fees to OKCL should choose NEFT option. The bank to be used for NEFT by AO should be a nationalized bank other than HDFC.
    • AO can do the NEFT either in Offline mode or in online mode.

* All figures are in INR