What is Digital University®?

Integrated eGovernance Solution for Administration of University, Colleges and Student Life Cycle

A comprehensive and integrated approach, towards eGovernance of the Universities, and its Colleges, offering a blend of various advance technologies designed and developed by MKCL, OKCL’s technology partner. It is single entry, one-stop solution for current problems of managing ever increasing number of students and colleges using a configurable framework with existing limited resources. Instead of isolated systems, it emphasizes on enterprise level database which can be put to multiple uses.

It comprehends best processes from many reputed Universities for a practical eGovernance. Based on the core expertise in domain, a generic and configurable methodologies takes care of every University’s needs. It empowers Officers, Authorities, Employees of University, Colleges, and Students for their routine work by providing innovative solutions. The framework implementation is hassle free and offered on turnkey basis and the operation may be transfer to the university with continuous trainings at workplace.

OKCL offers an academic ERP suit to the universities for their academic management from admissions and eligibility to examination, evaluation, result declaration and certification challenges owing to large enrolment in diverse disciplines and in a highly decentralized academic decision making environment at minimum price, making it an extremely cost-effective solution.

The fundamental aim of this program is to give millions of students an access to their University and career universe through single entry portal and offer direct facilitation to students, teachers and managers of the Universities. This program offers eFacilitation to millions of University students throughout their academic life cycle right from search of courses, admission, to finally the award of degree. It goes further and also provides search in placements.

Benefits to Universities:

Key Benefits:

  • Increase in student enrolment count
  • Reduction of load on campus administration
  • On schedule, hassle free cycle from online admission to results
  • Life-long electronic data for instant retrieval
  • Optimised and re-engineered processes

Salient Features:

  • Generic, standardised yet configurable, world-class framework to suit needs of every university
  • End-to-end integration of all major business processes of university
  • Real time dashboards for process control
  • Strong local and remote support mechanism
  • Hosting on load balanced, secured private cloud servers with disaster recovery mechanisms

Benefits to Colleges, Institutes & Departments:

Key Benefits:

  • Helpful for re-accreditation (NAAC/NBA)
  • Student data capture at source
  • Integrated electronic data exchange with University
  • Automation of campus administration
  • Savings in hidden operation costs
  • Instant statistical reports generation

Salient Features:

  • Secured login for each college,
  • Integrated College systems with university systems
  • End-to-end integration of all major business processes of college
  • Graphical MIS dashboard for Principals
  • Minimal computing infrastructure requirement

Benefits to Students:

Key Benefits:

  • Personalised login for each student
  • Mobile App for personalised access.
  • Substantial savings in Time, Cost and Efforts
  • Information and Transaction services
  • Online fee payment facilities

Since this product is offered in partnership with MKCL, our technology partner, for more details, please click here: http://www.digitaluniversity.ac/