This word bothers everyone; especially the students who have recently appeared for 10th exam and their parents.

  • What’s the best career for me?
  • Which stream after 10th should I choose?
  • Which career is in demand?
  • Can I pursue the career in the field which I like the most?
  • Which things I shall consider while selecting my career?

There are so many questions in students’ and parents’ minds. Future Vedh Test clears all these career related doubts. Success in a stream or career depends on three ingredients Interest, Personality and Aptitude.

Future Vedh Test helps to determine learner’s career. Future Vedh Test is targeted to 10th and 12th Standard learners. Future Vedh Test is designed to help provide students with an overview of their skills and begin to give them some direction for the future. This test primarily judges a person across 5 different aptitudes and different personality traits and understands the Unique Talent pattern in the student. Once you know your potential, it will be easy for you to take decisions for choosing the right career path.

Test consists of the following 7 Papers for every student:

  1. Numerical Ability- 25 minutes
  2. Mechanical Reasoning- 15 minutes
  3. Space Reasoning- 20 minutes
  4. Verbal Reasoning- 20 minutes
  5. Abstract Reasoning- 15 minutes
  6. Personality- 10 minutes
  7. Interest- 15 minutes

Duration of this test is of 2 Hrs.

Once the student completes this exam, a detail report would be generated which is helpful for students to finalize their career path.

Since, Future Vedh is a collaboration with MKCL, our technology partner, further details can be found at