OKCL Olympiad Movement

OOM is acronym for ‘OKCL Olympiad Movement’
OOM offers state level competitive examination, examining the academic quality of the students of BSE(Board of Secondary Education, Odisha) for 8th, 9th & 10th standard( Odia medium Students).

In addition to the school subjects, OOM makes it easy to understand if the student has ability to apply the knowledge gained in real life, and whether he/she can use the information acquired in one subject, while understanding the other subjects. Students will also have the opportunity to learn through assessment. The students will have the experience of solving challenging as well as innovative questions which will drive their intellect.


Students of BSE(Board of Secondary Education, Odisha) for 8th, 9th & 10th standard( Odia medium Students) can appear for the OKCL Olympiad Movement (OOM).
• Separate OOM exams will be conducted for each standard.
• Students from each standard must appear for the same standard of OOM.
E.g. The 9th grade student should take the OOM contest for class 9th only. Marks secured after taking the different standard’s exam will not be taken for granted.

Exam Syllabus

OOM Exam Syllabus will be as per Board of Secondary Education, Odisha. In addition to the School Subjects, there will be questions from Personality Development that are based on common sense, moral values, communication skills as well as soft skills (events in the school world as well as their emotions in the age group of the children). And here we are not actually expecting from students to read any textbooks or other books for these type of questions.

Time Table

Date, time, place of OOM Exam:
• Last date to apply: 31st December 2019
• Exam date: 3rd to 12th January 2020
(The student should go to the exam center on any of the dates from 3rd to 12th January 2020. The student should go to his examination center and decide the slot and date of his exam in advance.)
• Examination period for a student: 1 hour
• Time: The exam will be held between 7 am & 9 pm every day.
• Place to Apply and Exam: All Authorized Learning Centers (ALCs) of OKCL.

Exam Pattern

OOM Exam Pattern:
• The exam will be conducted online.
• The exam will take place at OKCL’s ALC, through the MKCL ERA system on scheduled dates.
• Each student will be given detailed information after logging in, before the examination. Then the exam will begin.
• For each class, there will be a single paper consisting questions from all subjects.
• There will be question group consisting questions from all the subjects. E.g. There will be a questions group of 6 questions as the number of OOM exam subjects for class 8th/9th/10th is 6, as shown in the syllabus table.
• During exam, after solving the first question-group, the second question-group for each question from all the subjects will appear in front of the student. One after the other question groups will appear for one hour in a row.
• If some of the questions in one question group is not answered, the student can go ahead by keeping that question unanswered and again go back and resolve the question. In the one-hour exam period, he may leave questions unanswered, if he does not know the answer to it.
• Every student has to solve as many questions as he/she can in the given 1 hour time. As the student continues to solve the questionnaire, more and more questions will come and he/she can score more and more marks as they progress till the time is up. When the two hours are over, the next questions will stop and the exam will end automatically. Not all will have the same and limited number of questions like other traditional question papers. Therefore, there will be a lot of potential for the talented students to establish new Olympic like numbers by solving as many questions as possible.
Question Type for OOM Exam:
• Multiple choice questions with multiple right options, multiple choice questions with only right option, apply pairs, move the columns up and down among multiple columns to show the relevant options in one line, fill in the blanks, questions based on images, pictures, phonics or video games, sorting, ordering words, word puzzles, picture puzzles, etc.

Fees and rewards

OOM Exam Fee, Awards + Gift and Further Directions: -
• Per student, there will be nominal charge of Rs. 75/- only.
• The 1st , 2nd and 3rd State level winners will get Gold, Silver and Bronze medal respectively. Along with the medals, the winners at the state level will be awarded Gift Coupons.
• The names of the winners at the state level will not be considered again at the district level.
• Reward fee is included with all taxes.
• One student will be eligible for only one prize.
• These coupons will be sent to the winners digitally.
• These coupons will be valid until 20th May 2020.
• Names of OOM Exam Results and Prize Winners will be Announcement on the website: www.okcl.org/.
Results will be announced in the 2nd week of February 2020.
Criteria for choosing a winner:
• The state and district level winners will be selected on the basis of the marks they have scored, the questions they have solved, the correct questions solved for the subject and the minimum marks required to pass.
• In order to qualify for district/state level award, a student has to score minimum 50 percent marks.
• Students who get the same scores at all these levels will be selected in a lucky draw.

Terms and Conditions

• 8th,9th and 10th standard students from Odia Medium of BSE (Board of Secondary Education, Odisha) can participate in OKCL Olympiad Movement (OOM) competitive exam.
• Student shall approach to ALCs (Authorized Learning Centers) of OKCL for the online examination.
• One student can give at the maximum one exam only and will be considered for maximum one award.
• If any student is winner at state level, then he/she will not be eligible for any District Level award category and vice-a-versa.
• One student will be eligible to get maximum 1 award amount in any category.
• Applicable Govt. Taxes will be deducted from the prize (if any).
• OKCL may use the participant students’ information for marketing & communication purpose in future.
• OKCL Employees, OKCL Network Partners and their family members/staff are not eligible to participate in OOM Competitive Exam.
• OKCL reserves all rights related to ‘OKCL Olympiad Movement’ (OOM) Competitive Exam.
• OKCL reserves rights to modify prize amount, important dates, terms & conditions and other details related to OKCL Olympiad Movement (OOM) Competitive Exam without any prior notice.
• OKCL shall not be liable to anyone for any modification/s in OKCL Olympiad Movement (OOM) Competitive Exam.
• Student from each standard shall give examination of respective standard only.
E.g. student from 9th standard shall give 9th standard OOM exam only. If s/he attempts OOM examination of any other standard his/her marks not be considered in final result.
• Student shall carefully select language/medium at the time of examination. Language option cannot be changed during examination.
• The jurisdiction of OOM is Odisha state only.

  • OKCL reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of this competition without any prior notice and OKCL shall not be liable to anyone for any such modifications.